Friday, July 1, 2011

The Last Supper Shopping Trip

Today is my last day as a casual consumer

I do need to go into why I have waited until July 2nd.

My Mom is coming to see me today and take me shopping for my birthday since this was planned before I got this hair-brained idea to take on this challenge, I decided that this day would serve well as my last hurrah. I'll be spending the entire day shopping in one of my favorite malls. With outlet stores, oh! My little heart is beating so fast with excitement! My arm muscles quiver with the anticipation of holding shopping bags. I can almost smell that new clothes smell.


That was good.

Retail Stimulation?

Anyway, I am getting off subject.

So, when I return this evening, I promise to take pictures of my loot and to dissect my final recreational retail trip.

Where would you go if today was the last day of shopping for you? What store would be on your must hit list?

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