Sunday, September 30, 2012

Coffee Filter Wreath

This has to be my favorite project that I have finished so far!

Super cheap, super easy and I am in love with the finished result.

Remember the coffee filters that I tea stained the other day?

Well, it turns out that they take a really long time to dry, in fact, I became so tired of waiting for them, that I finally threw the filters in the dryer.

I know, I was surprised that I was impatient as well.
Who knew?

So here they are, all dried and ready to go. I can't tell you how much fun it was to play in these. It reminded me of playing in a pile of leaves, but less scratchy and noisy.

I cut a circle out of a piece of foam board that I got at the dollar store. Seriously, this project could not be cheaper.

I used a compass to draw my circle, but honestly, it didn't have to be perfect. the filters end up so fluffy that it didn't matter. I also taped off the inside of my circle with masking tape, just in case any peeked out between filters, I didn't want it to be glaringly white. 
Again, I think this was a completely unnecessary step.

Now you just start pinching the coffee filers in the center and using hot clue to attach them to the foam board. 

I immediately knew that I was going to love this.
The filters look like flowers.

So, yes, there was some finger burning going on. Sometimes it was a little difficult to get the filters exactly where I wanted them so...
Okay, not really, it goes back to my impatience and I try to move too fast and I burn myself. 

Are you ready to see the finished product!?

Isn't it beautiful? 
I am so in love with this. Plus the fact that it cost $2 to make, doesn't hurt.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Done, Done, Done

I did it! I finished The Jailbreak.

It was so awesome and I am already looking for another obstacle race to run. I was completely exhausted on Saturday and didn't do anything but lie on the couch and think about how much fun the day had been. 

I also like to look at my medal over and over again.


Sunday came around and I decided to work on my crayon art project. 

Remember me telling you that the crayons wouldn't fit into my mini glue gun and I needed to go purchase a regular sized glue gun...well, I'm a dirty liar.

Crayons do fit into mini glue guns, in fact, if you try to put them into regular glue guns, they melt and then squirt out the back.

Ask me how I know, 
go ahead.

 I don't plan on ever making this type of craft again. Don't get me wrong, I am happy with the results, but I was panicked and testy the entire time. 

I was so frustrated by the crayons not melting fast enough. I had to walk away every 30 seconds or so just to let the crayon melt a little more, then it would come gushing out of the glue gun,splatter all over my hand, and then maybe, just maybe, it would let me have a few drips for the canvas.

So, here is the finished product. Please excuse the crappy iPhone picture. I guess I am going to have to break out the good camera soon. 
 I do like it, it's cute, but it isn't my favorite project so far. 

Unlike the coffee filter wreath.
I will post that tomorrow.

It's worth the wait.

As a BzzAgent, I was allowed to try the Glade Fragrance Mist for free and I have to say that I didn't get it at first, but now I realize that I can keep my air freshener out all the time in my laundry room (where the smell of cat poop usually overwhelms everything) and I am pleasantly surprised.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Unfinished already

Well, yesterday didn't go nearly as well as the first day went.

I decided that I was going to start the melted crayon art that I have held on to for about four months.


So, I gathered all my supplies and started with the silhouette that I wanted to add. 

I'm ready! I cut out the picture and traced it onto the canvas with no problems.

 I am rocking this project! 

now time to fill it in with Sharpie...

Nice. My only two black Sharpies in the house are both dried out. 

Roadblock number two? My glue gun is too small for the crayons. Looks like I only have "mini" glue guns in this house. So, I am at a stopping point. I put this project aside again until I can get more Sharpies and a larger glue gun.

I'm trying not to be disappointed, but it's not easy. I truly thought that I could get this done today.

Anyway, I decide that I will go ahead and tea stain my coffee filters for another project. This will take about an hour and I can let the filters dry overnight. 

I just started an extra large batch of tea.

Now want iced tea.

Then I dropped the coffee filters into the tea about 20 at a time. I set them out on a cookie sheet to dry,but I know I will probably have to put them into the dryer to get them dry before my impatience kicks in. I am not willing to wait a couple of days for these suckers to dry. 

As I am writing this, I know someone will say "You can buy brown coffee filters! You big dummy! Why did you make all that extra work for yourself?"

Well, I did look at the brown filters, but they were just too rustic and I wanted a more vintage, old paper look to the filters, so I took the extra step of tea staining them. 

And don't call me a dummy.

The coffee filters are for an awesome wreath that I want to make. 
I really wanted to finish at least one project today, but no luck.

I am not sure what I will be able to get to this weekend. Friday is roller skating day and Saturday I am headed off to do The Jailbreak. I am so excited about this race!

Mud, Running, Barbeque and Beer!! 

Best. Race. Ever.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Projects 3, 2, 1

So I totally went shopping yesterday.

I had purchased half of items needed for dozens of projects so I went on a mission to either abandon said projects or get the rest of my supplies. 

Luckily, the ink for the printer had arrived this weekend.
Why does ink run out all at once?  You are going along just fine when BAM your computer starts screeching at you like a junkie needing a fix. 


Really, I don't like being an enabler.

Once I swapped out the empties for a fresh, new ink, I set about printing things that have been waiting patiently.
First up this cute Roald Dahl quote. It makes me so happy.

Next was a cute printable that I had found on Pinterest a long time ago. I printed it up, stuck it in a frame and left it for Mr. Challenge to see. He thought it was super sweet and he likes the idea that we can all leave little messages for each other.Yep, we are that family.

Last but not least was the big project for the day. I hate my dining room light. It's just a builder grade, boring, yucky light. So. while scouring blogs and Pinterest one fine day, I came across a girl who used cardboard and hot glue....seriously. Even I can handle cardboard and hot glue. I am super happy with the new light. The cover is a little more see through than I wanted, so I may end up adding a black ribbon border to the top and bottom. 

So, not too bad for the first day back in action. I am feeling good. Happy that I am removing some of the to do list clutter that makes me feel bad for not finishing things. 
This is more about the mental clutter and the to do lists and Pinterest boards than about clearing out closets. That is coming soon as well. 

Does anyone else beat themselves up over things they "want" to do? 

Do your home improvement lists mock you? 

Do your Pinterest boards snicker with the knowledge that you will never, ever actually set aside time to do the things you Pin?

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fast Food Nation

This blog post showed up in my feed this morning and it really struck a chord with me. 

Why is it so hard to spend money on high quality groceries?

I am so guilty of this! I always lean towards non-organic produce because of the price difference, but at what cost?

I don't want to give you too much to read(you should read that link), and I am fully aware that I have put blogging on the back burner as the summer has come to an end, but do not fear! 

I am gathering my thoughts and making big plans for the fall.

This may become more of a "project" blog for a while, because I have a tendency to purchase items for a project and then never finish said project. That will be my focus for a while. To clear out the clutter of unfinished ideas and revel in the satisfaction that comes with completing something. 

Off to make something awesome...