Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I'm Moving!

I started this blog originally for my shopping challenge, but that has now come and gone. 

I do want to keep blogging, so I am moving.  I want to open up my categories a little more to encompass more of my life.

crafty projects
and overall snarkiness

Please do follow me on over. 

welcome to the nuthouse

Looking forward to seeing you all on the other side! 

Monday, October 15, 2012

Burlap Lap Baby

For some reason, each time I see this wreath, I start singing Burlap Lap Baby (think Ice Ice Baby).

I don't understand how my mind works, but I feel that's for the best.

So, I have another wreath tutorial. I got this one from Pinterest. There are lots and lots of posts out there with burlap. It is hot right now.
Burlap table runners, burlap chair wraps for weddings, burlap bows and burlap monograms and wreaths.

This is a burlap bubble wreath and it was super simple, but a bit messy.

The first step was to cut strips out of my burlap. I bought two yards of burlap and cut almost all of it into three inch strips.

Then I cut each strip into three inch squares. Keep in mind that burlap is messy and kind of smelly in my opinion. All the fuzzy bits kept going up my nose and making me sneeze.

Now stack all your squares up and find something awesome to watch on television. I chose Arrested Development on Netflix again. That and 30 Rock seem to be my go-to shows for crafting.

Now you just take opposite corners and make little "bubbles". To put them on the wreath, I used long straight pins with large pearl heads. You have to get the large heads so that the pins don't go all the way through the burlap. 

Here she is all finished and waiting to be stolen up for people to admire.
I think I need to add a pretty bow, I think black, but I will play around with it. 

Also, I can now see how dirty my front door is.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Another wreath, I may have a problem

I made another wreath. Seriously.
and then I made another one...

That's three wreaths for those of you keeping up at home.

I'll have pictures of the burlap wreath soon enough.

This is the story of the birth of my Halloween wreath that was stolen. 
I had already taken all of the pictures for the tutorial, so I decided to go ahead and post this one. 
The wreath was super easy and cute, so I will probably make another one. If I do, I have already decided to use a zip-tie to attach the wreath to the over the door hanger so that perhaps this one will stay on my front porch. 
I also plan on making those cute "ghosts" with my tomato cages, I wonder if those will wander off my porch?

I'm a little bitter.

Anyway, on to the tutorial. 

Like I said, this wreath was super easy to make, but if I make another one, I will try to get my tulle ribbon on sale. I used about 75 yards and could have used a little more. 

All you need to get this party started is a foam wreath and a few rolls of tulle ribbon.  Make sure that your foam wreath is round, you know what I mean...some of those floral wreaths are square circles. 

First, I measured how long I wanted my strips of tulle to be. I wanted them to stick out a couple of inches, but didn't want them to be so big that it made the wreath too big for my front door. (or too big for someone to take and put into their truck, what a tragedy that would be)

Please excuse my crappy phone pictures again. I am working on a new system, I promise!

Once I decided how long I wanted my strips to be, I got to cutting. I piled all my strips up next to me while I watched Arrested Development.<3

Lola is super bored with my wreath making and thinks that my time would be better spent petting her.

 Then I watched three more episodes while I tied each strip to the wreath. I did end up doubling up the strips to make the wreath a little fuller. Plus I wanted to make sure that none of the light green foam was seen. 

And there she is. She will be missed.

I suppose I should be flattered that my wreath was so cute that someone wanted to steal her, but my front door is bare and it honestly does kind of suck. 
Blissful and Domestic