Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Buck Stops Here

The donation truck came through the neighborhood on Monday. This is our pile.

It looks so much smaller on our front porch than it did piled in my office. Mr. Challenge got into the spirit of things and went through his closet. He purged bags of clothes and sent plenty off to the trashcan, too. I have to admit, it was pretty sexy.

The first week is over and I haven't noticed an increase in money yet. I'm afraid that I am channelling all my extra money into dining out with friends. That is more enjoyable that shopping alone, I have to admit. I do have a goal to put $1000 in my savings account. Maybe even more, that way when I end the challenge I can go on a shopping spree have a tangible reminder of what I gained this year.
One thing I have gained is time. I am already catching up on housework and my to do list is dwindling quickly. I am excited about the prospect of actually working on some of the unfinished projects in my house. Wouldn't it be nice if I could finish that gift I started for my sister just over 2 years ago?
I went to a thrift store today to pick up a costume for The Boss, who is in a theatre camp this week. I scoured the house for pieces that would work, but we just didn't have a skirt that would be acceptable for a gypsy.
I love thrift stores. I get such a thrill out of finding treasure there, and inevitability, everything I want is less than $5. I waded through racks, looking for just the right thing, when I saw it...the cutest black and white sundress. It looks brand new, it's in my size! It would be perfect for when Mr. Challenge and I go to Vegas next month. I pick it up, it's only $7. It promises me that I will look sexy, but sophisticated in it. Never mind the six other sundresses in my closet, they don't matter. Only this one matters.

I put it down and walk away.
I don't try it on.

And I'm okay.
I did find a perfect long skirt for the gypsy costume, along with a white shirt that we can pair with jewelry and accessories that we already own. I walk out paying only $4 and feel empowered. I feel happy. I didn't waste an entire afternoon buying things that I don't need.

I can't wait for the next donation truck.

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