Friday, August 5, 2011

What Happens in Vegas.

I leave for Vegas in a couple of hours. A quick weekend trip. This is my first time and I am totally stoked. I bought a couple of things this week, but totally justified. However it felt weird. Already?
I have been working on a blanket for a while and ran out of one color of yarn. I seriously debated on whether I could finish it without that color.
That would jack up the entire pattern I have going. The point is to finish the blanket so that I can get it out of my house (although, it would look lovely on my couch, the colors are so nice...) Anyway, I bought the yarn I needed. It was a small form of torture for me to have to wander through Hobby Lobby.
Look at all the projects I could start and never finish

I also bought SeaBands. I have a HUGE fear of flying, but even more than that, I am afraid that I will have to vomit in that little white bag with someone sitting beside me. I cannot hurl gracefully, I have tried.
So I bought the SeaBands. I didn't even think twice until I got out to my car. It was automatic. I am feeling guilt, but I am not even thinking of taking them back. The person sitting in front of me on the airplane is very happy that I just made that statement.

I did not buy any new clothes for Vegas, though, normally, I would have.I actually have two "new" items for the trip, a dress and a cute top, neither of which have been worn although they were purchase well before the challenge ever started. I am packed and ready to leave. I won't be bringing any souvineers for myself home, though I will pick up some trinkets for the kids and a few friends. No pressure, no stress, I'm relaxed as I head out the door, a first in my travels.

Btw, local friends, check out Frisco Style Magazine that showed up in your mailbox. There is an article about a lady who also did a project similar to this one. It's not exactly the same, as she allowed secondhand purchases, but the main goal is the same. Her blog is

I'm out!

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