Sunday, August 21, 2011

School Daze

We are getting ready to start our school year here. I'm so happy that public school is starting back. As a homeschool family, we celebrate when kids go back to public school! Our homeschool group actually throws a party.
It's not that I don't enjoy summer, I do. Plus, the Boss gets to see her public school friends a lot more and I know she enjoys that. However, I do love getting back to our regular routine. Summer is so much more hetic with the traveling and camps and such. I like our normal routine.

So, I did have to buy a couple of things this week. A new school planner for one. Anyone who home schools can agree that a planner is a necessity. I did find our old planner from last year still on the shelf so I tossed it. (one in-one out)
Why did I still have that thing?
I also ordered new math books for both the kids. The Boss hated what we were using for math. Seriously hated it. So, I found a new curriculum that I think she will enjoy and ordered the first book. I am listing the old ones on Amazon this morning.
I think keeping up with what I bring into the house is key. One in-one out seems like a great rule, not to mention the bags of donations that go each time the trucks come through the neighborhood.
Being able to buy necessities, keeps the raging shopping beast inside me appeased. I still haven't bought myself anything. I feel okay. I have so much stuff to stay busy.
We've lost another library book. This is beginning to be a very expensive habit. I want to encourage reading, so I never try to limit the books that The Boss checks out, but I certainly don't want to pay for a new branch by myself either.
Now where is that stupid book...

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