Friday, August 12, 2011

Empty Pockets

I really thought that by doing this project, I would have the added benefit of saving money.
I have the lofty goal of putting $1000 into my personal savings account. It isn't going so well.
Getting rid of items has felt good. No feelings of deprivation yet. I see lots of things that I normally would have bought, but I am able to walk away from now.
 How much was I actually spending on crap before?
I do try to think long and hard before I buy things for the rest of my family as well, but wonder if I am using that as an excuse to still get my "shopping fix". I have been buying presents for Mr Challenge's birthday recently. I don't think I have bought more than usual, but I have thought about each item. Making sure that it will be used and loved. No useless junk.
That little voice inside my head tells me that it's still shopping.
The Boss cleaned out her closet and got rid of an entire trash bag full of clothes that no longer fit. Then I went and bought her a new outfit. It's only one outfit, and yet, it still wasn't an actual necessity. My goal was not to make my family suffer through this year with me, though.
or is that just my excuse?
Then, there's the dining out. I have gone off the deep end with that. Now, with the extra cash in my pocket, I am more likely to grab a bite while I am out. I have not, however, significantly decreased my grocery budget, so this is still excess. The very backbone of this entire challenge. 
Sugar free snow cones are the new crack.

I suppose I am just feeling a bit down on myself today. 
Truth be told, I have purged my house of bags and bags of clutter. I do have more money in my saving account ($150 instead of $0 when I started). I have found more time to do the things that I want to do, which I can't put a dollar amount on.  

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