Thursday, August 11, 2011

Retail Las Vegas

Well, I must say that Vegas may not be my scene. The food was incredible, there was so much to look at, but overall, Mr. Challenge and I were ready to come home and leave it all behind.

There is just far too much excess for someone who is really focusing on simplifying her life. Even if I were shopping, I wouldnt be shopping at the stores found in our hotel. Jimmy Choo? Guess? Armani?
I'm not even tempted by those establishments. I don't want to judge, but when I looked at the tourists shopping in thoses stores, I wanted to shake them! To tell them that what they bought in Vegas would follow them home. It's so easy to become carried away there. Everything is so over the top and it seems that each person catches assholeitis as soon as they step off the plane. The sense of entitlement is palpable.
Everyone is a big shot in Vegas. Including me. We dropped $80 on a breakfast (that did not included any mimosas). We were drunk as skunks by 3:00 the first afternoon. No, I didn't bring back any clutter, but overspending is part of the game. We don't even gamble! All of our money was spent on food and drinks. I left my low carb lifestyle at home and oinked out on macaroni and cheese, cupcakes, bread baskets and even a giant baked potato. It became all about the food to me. That was my overindulgence. My vice.
But guess what
It didn't stay in Vegas.
I was lucky enough to bring three four extra pounds home with me.

Now, before you say, but Suzan, it's only three four pounds! Let's remember that I was only there for approximately 48 hours.


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