Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fast Food Nation

This blog post showed up in my feed this morning and it really struck a chord with me. 

Why is it so hard to spend money on high quality groceries?

I am so guilty of this! I always lean towards non-organic produce because of the price difference, but at what cost?

I don't want to give you too much to read(you should read that link), and I am fully aware that I have put blogging on the back burner as the summer has come to an end, but do not fear! 

I am gathering my thoughts and making big plans for the fall.

This may become more of a "project" blog for a while, because I have a tendency to purchase items for a project and then never finish said project. That will be my focus for a while. To clear out the clutter of unfinished ideas and revel in the satisfaction that comes with completing something. 

Off to make something awesome...

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