Friday, September 21, 2012

Unfinished already

Well, yesterday didn't go nearly as well as the first day went.

I decided that I was going to start the melted crayon art that I have held on to for about four months.


So, I gathered all my supplies and started with the silhouette that I wanted to add. 

I'm ready! I cut out the picture and traced it onto the canvas with no problems.

 I am rocking this project! 

now time to fill it in with Sharpie...

Nice. My only two black Sharpies in the house are both dried out. 

Roadblock number two? My glue gun is too small for the crayons. Looks like I only have "mini" glue guns in this house. So, I am at a stopping point. I put this project aside again until I can get more Sharpies and a larger glue gun.

I'm trying not to be disappointed, but it's not easy. I truly thought that I could get this done today.

Anyway, I decide that I will go ahead and tea stain my coffee filters for another project. This will take about an hour and I can let the filters dry overnight. 

I just started an extra large batch of tea.

Now want iced tea.

Then I dropped the coffee filters into the tea about 20 at a time. I set them out on a cookie sheet to dry,but I know I will probably have to put them into the dryer to get them dry before my impatience kicks in. I am not willing to wait a couple of days for these suckers to dry. 

As I am writing this, I know someone will say "You can buy brown coffee filters! You big dummy! Why did you make all that extra work for yourself?"

Well, I did look at the brown filters, but they were just too rustic and I wanted a more vintage, old paper look to the filters, so I took the extra step of tea staining them. 

And don't call me a dummy.

The coffee filters are for an awesome wreath that I want to make. 
I really wanted to finish at least one project today, but no luck.

I am not sure what I will be able to get to this weekend. Friday is roller skating day and Saturday I am headed off to do The Jailbreak. I am so excited about this race!

Mud, Running, Barbeque and Beer!! 

Best. Race. Ever.

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