Monday, September 24, 2012

Done, Done, Done

I did it! I finished The Jailbreak.

It was so awesome and I am already looking for another obstacle race to run. I was completely exhausted on Saturday and didn't do anything but lie on the couch and think about how much fun the day had been. 

I also like to look at my medal over and over again.


Sunday came around and I decided to work on my crayon art project. 

Remember me telling you that the crayons wouldn't fit into my mini glue gun and I needed to go purchase a regular sized glue gun...well, I'm a dirty liar.

Crayons do fit into mini glue guns, in fact, if you try to put them into regular glue guns, they melt and then squirt out the back.

Ask me how I know, 
go ahead.

 I don't plan on ever making this type of craft again. Don't get me wrong, I am happy with the results, but I was panicked and testy the entire time. 

I was so frustrated by the crayons not melting fast enough. I had to walk away every 30 seconds or so just to let the crayon melt a little more, then it would come gushing out of the glue gun,splatter all over my hand, and then maybe, just maybe, it would let me have a few drips for the canvas.

So, here is the finished product. Please excuse the crappy iPhone picture. I guess I am going to have to break out the good camera soon. 
 I do like it, it's cute, but it isn't my favorite project so far. 

Unlike the coffee filter wreath.
I will post that tomorrow.

It's worth the wait.

As a BzzAgent, I was allowed to try the Glade Fragrance Mist for free and I have to say that I didn't get it at first, but now I realize that I can keep my air freshener out all the time in my laundry room (where the smell of cat poop usually overwhelms everything) and I am pleasantly surprised.

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