Thursday, September 20, 2012

Projects 3, 2, 1

So I totally went shopping yesterday.

I had purchased half of items needed for dozens of projects so I went on a mission to either abandon said projects or get the rest of my supplies. 

Luckily, the ink for the printer had arrived this weekend.
Why does ink run out all at once?  You are going along just fine when BAM your computer starts screeching at you like a junkie needing a fix. 


Really, I don't like being an enabler.

Once I swapped out the empties for a fresh, new ink, I set about printing things that have been waiting patiently.
First up this cute Roald Dahl quote. It makes me so happy.

Next was a cute printable that I had found on Pinterest a long time ago. I printed it up, stuck it in a frame and left it for Mr. Challenge to see. He thought it was super sweet and he likes the idea that we can all leave little messages for each other.Yep, we are that family.

Last but not least was the big project for the day. I hate my dining room light. It's just a builder grade, boring, yucky light. So. while scouring blogs and Pinterest one fine day, I came across a girl who used cardboard and hot glue....seriously. Even I can handle cardboard and hot glue. I am super happy with the new light. The cover is a little more see through than I wanted, so I may end up adding a black ribbon border to the top and bottom. 

So, not too bad for the first day back in action. I am feeling good. Happy that I am removing some of the to do list clutter that makes me feel bad for not finishing things. 
This is more about the mental clutter and the to do lists and Pinterest boards than about clearing out closets. That is coming soon as well. 

Does anyone else beat themselves up over things they "want" to do? 

Do your home improvement lists mock you? 

Do your Pinterest boards snicker with the knowledge that you will never, ever actually set aside time to do the things you Pin?

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