Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sample Sale

I sent off five bags of crap stuff with the donation truck on Monday. Most of that was the giant pile of costumes. Man, that felt good.

In other news, I have struggled with eating fast food for some time. The Boss and I discovered that I have spent almost $400 on fast food in the past few weeks.
Not a typo.

This doesn't include the weekly trips to the grocery store.

We decided to go on a fast food fast for six weeks and save all that money for a one night stay at Great Wolf Lodge in December.
It's a really hard habit to break so far. We are so accustomed to running through some where to grab dinner that I really have to plan ahead now.
No eating at anywhere with a drive thru. With our busy lifestyle, this will be a true challenge for me, but I'm up for it.
Last night was a perfect example. We had to drop off Mr. Mister at 6pm and Mr. Challenge was out late, so normally, The Boss and I would have grabbed fast food on our way home. Instead we stopped off at the grocery store, she got sushi, I got a steak to grill and a package of strawberries to share. Plus I was able to grab a few things for tonight's dinner. I spent about the same amount, however, I got a lot more and I have to say that the steak was better than McD's any day.

Today I'm struggling with samples.

I got two new samples of products in the mail yesterday and it hit me. Why am I keeping all of these things? The only reason I get any of these products is because someone out there wants me to buy said product.
I keep all those hotel toiletries as well. Why?
In case I travel? To another hotel? It's stupid! In case I run out of shampoo? Do I really want to wash my hair with a two year old sample that came from Holiday Inn?
So, off to the donation bin they go. An entire grocery sack of samples that I have held on to just in case.
Does anyone else have this problem with hoarding sample size items? What do you do with the samples that come in the mail? Do you take the toiletries from hotels?

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