Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Have I made a HUGE mistake?

I'm getting nervous today.

I am making plans. I went and stopped my subscription to emusic.com because I just can't figure out a way to validate that cost.

It's truly only $6 a month, but you see, that's my downfall.

but it's only...

That's how I get into trouble. I wander the thrift store, consignment shops, the "free take me" tables at garage sales. I can't seem to say "no" to a bargain.

I only paid $6 for my bread maker. Six dollars! And yet... it rarely gets used.

I adore walking into Forever21 and stand in awe at all the beautiful jewelry. "I have to have this necklace with a scotty dog on it! I dislike those yappy little dogs and I can't imagine where I will wear it, but it's ONLY $1.50!"

So, I have some decisions to make. I really love my magazines. Nope, no subscription to In Style, that would be too easy. Do I hurry and get a subscription really fast before I start this challenge?


That would be cheating.


I have to remember that it isn't about the money for me. Mr Challenge doesn't ever gripe at me about the money I spend. He nods in appreciation at my bargain hunting.

This is about the stuff. That drowning feeling that I get when I walk into my office or try to open a closet door.

My stuff is trying to kill me. It watches me while I sleep like that creepy ex-boyfriend I had.


Yesterday I received a package on my front door. From Victoria's Secret. Ahhh...

New items, wrapped in beautiful plastic, lovely paper tags, the entire experience makes me giddy.

I had ordered some new yoga pants since my old ones had holes in special lady places and bleach spots from where I had attempted to clean my bathtub while wrestling an imaginary beast that wouldn't hand over the Comet.

anyway, back to The Yoga Pants.

How they fit! No holes (yet), so comfy that I may never put on jeans again.

I immediately went to my computer to order another pair. I deserve, no, NEED to have another pair of these amazing pants! They are on sale, for crying out loud!

Why exactly do I need another pair? I can't wear more than one pair at a time? (or can I? this may be an experiment for later when I am bored and can't go shopping, take a note, Jeeves)

So, I stopped myself, I tossed the catalog that came in with my order and spent the rest of the afternoon crying making lists of things that were acceptable and not acceptable.
This is hard and I haven't even officially started yet.

What do you think is acceptable/not acceptable? What do you think you would miss the most?


  1. I admire your candor and your willingness to take on this challenge. I don't know what I would miss the most or what is acceptable/non acceptable. I think you need to have a couple of not acceptables to get you through the year. Maybe permission to buy a new pair of yoga pants in January or the ability to renew one subscription but no keeping back issues. Something so you don't feel like you are in the land of deprivation. YKWIM?

  2. ECW74,
    Thanks for the compliments! I'm totally new to the blog world and this is really just a way to keep myself accountable and track the entire experience. Good, bad and ugly.
    I am working on a preliminary acceptable/not acceptable list. Clothing will be not acceptable for sure, I'll explain and post a picture of my closet at a later date.
    My fight will truly be internal deprevation, since I can see no reason for me to ever need anything ever again due to the sheer volume of stuff I have.
    Wants, however,are a whole 'nother post.